New York Roofscapes, Inc. is on the Governer’s List of Essential Services of New York State 

Div. of Cleaning and Maintenance 

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In addition to our standard Deck Cleaning, we include disinfectant of the Roof Deck for the safety of the residents.
  • We use a 10% TSP to Water dilution (as recommended in the CDC Corona Virus Guidelines, see below)
  • This protocol has tested safe and effective for Ipe Wood surfaces and is organically neutral adjacent planted material.
  • There will be a maximum of 2 people on-site at any time, (David and one employee,) for cleaning and preparatory services.

Additional, optional services we provide include:

  • Spring Clean-up and Deck Opening
  • Plant Maintenance
  • Furniture Cleaning
  • Full Garden Service – Irrigation Monitoring, bi-monthly Service Visits
  • Sidewalk / Service Entrance Disinfectant: per CDC Guidelines…Disinfectant Wash
  • Side-walk Planting Squares ( Annuals, Perennials Prep, etc.
  • General Outdoor Services – Cleaning, Irrigation, Lighting, Plant Maintenance Services